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    Does anyone know how to switch from twm back to one of the other desktop environments? I switched into twm and I cannot figure out how to get back to one of the other ones.

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    when xwindows start you have the option to change which desktop to use.

    bluecurve is actualy very nice

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    Thanks!! I never noticed that.

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    I agree with what he said, however there is a desktop switching tool you can use to do that as well. Redhat 9 is ok, but 8.0 is a lot better. The libs used by redhat 9 and the threads have had some compatibilty issues with a lot of other software..........including realplayer. To be quite frank, the threads used by redhat 9 are just too advanced for some of those programs and the software companies were caught by suprised. Although, redhat is one of my favorite distros they have a problem with giving their code out to developers outside their group of developers. And this makes it difficult to correct some bugs as soon as the o.s. is put out. When redhat 9 was first release it was not worth installing because it caused a lot of segfaults with old programs and hardware because of those new advanced libs and threads. But thanks to redhat update manager you can correct most of the bugs as soon as you install redhat 9. Im going to give it a couple more months though before I upgrade from 8 to 9 again.


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