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Thread: TV-100USB2 (USB TV Tuner)

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    Feb 2006
    My uncles moving house... so he had it lying around in a box and he called the box "electical crap" so i was like "u need any of that" and ended up saying i could have it.

    well i got back from his tonight and tryed to hook it up, i dunno if i got the right plug for it or if it even needs a plug anyway.

    well i hooked it up to the USB, laptop detects it.

    went and downloaded a 180mb driver for it, installed.

    so when i go to select the tv option it says this:

    dunno what to do about it.

    im not sure if it needs the power connecting upto it or not...
    i picked up a plug which was next to it and theres a small light on the plug... that doesnt turn on when i plug it in or when i plug it into the USB device.
    so i decided to try some other plugs for it. they didnt work eather.

    dunno if it matters but the plug i picked up with it says 1000ma on it, the 2 i tryed 1 says, 700ma other says 300ma.

    any ideas what i can try?

    i think im using USB1 with it on my laptop well what a popup from windows said. so could try hooking it up to my pc and using it on that see if theres any difference but i dont think there will be... as it says it supports USB 1 and USB 2 on the website:

    i tryed opening it up to see if its taken any damage on the inside and doesnt seem to be anything wrong with it.

    isnt a manual with it and couldnt seem to find one on the net for it.
    cant even find a site on the net that sells it so no chance of seeing how much its worth or tracking down another plug for it or seeing if i got the right plug for it. (off back to my uncles in 2 or 3 days so could pick the right 1 up if i can find it)

    so any idea what there is left to try?
    not a big deal if it doesnt work but would be sweet if i can get it to work would save me buying one myself as im planning on getting one in a week along with a new 20" monitor to play with during the easter holidays

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    If it has power socket then it needs power. Make sure it is a power socket though, and not the audio socket otherwise you've probably blown it.

    Look on the box, it should tell you what the power requirements are, any power supply you use must match in terms of voltage, current type (AC or DC) and current available (mA).

    Units such as these don't have much protection against power mismatches - it would push the price too high - so simply by plugging in the wrong power supply you may have destroyed it, although it is unlikely that there will be any visible damage.

    USB2 is recommended.
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    Doesn't need a power cable, it's powered through the usb.

    Have you plugged an aerial into it?

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    found that where someone said how to fix it, but i dont have that ati thing under the list in device manager what i mean to do?

    im gunna try uninstalling my ati drivers and see if that helps


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