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Thread: Foreign/Independent Movies

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    Does anyone know a good way to get foreign and/or independent movies other than buying the DVD, which don't usually come out for a long time.

    For example, I've been trying to get ahold of a copy of The Page Turner ( which came out back in summer 06 but still can't seem to find it on any newsgroup, irc, or torrent sites.

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    i got some hits for it on emule, its the way to go for rare content

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    Specialises in those types of films. Even has The Page Turner.

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    Yes, The Page Turner is available on Karagarga.
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    That site looks very interesting but how often do they have open signups? Or does anyone have an extra invite they could give me? Sadly I don't have any other torrent invites to trade because I mainly use Usenet.

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    Head over the the Invites section of the BitTorrent forum, someone might help you there (plus more people will see your post)

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    The torrent site FlixFlux specializes in films and movies. You can usually find most stuff there. They have the page turner too:

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    they have some rare movies and such... can't check cause i'm not at home, but open signups last time I checked.


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