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Thread: What's Best?

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    When it comes to anti-virus which is better AVG or Norton?
    When it comes to removing spyware which is better Ad-Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy?

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    The Norton but don't forget AVG is free and if you have a slow pc is better than Norton.I use Adware because Spybot has a crappy look.

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    For spyware,why not use both.I do,and there are no conflicts.
    As for Anti Virus I use AVG.It is updated often,it's free and it's ok.

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    I prefer Norton, have tried both and lost faith in AVG when I scanned an attachment and it missed a virus!

    Thankfully a System Restore sorted it o

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    I have & use all 4. lol. AW6 & Spybot S+D are both great. If I had to pick 1, it would be Spybot. In fact I installed Spybot only on 2 friends puters recently. As for AV's I have NAV as resident & AVG as on demand. If I didn't have money or a cr*ck I would be comfortable with AVG alone. For what it's worth AVG scans in 11 minutes & NAV takes 15 minutes on my puter.

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    NAV has fixed every virus I've had (having troubles? boot safemode, detects more viruses and can delete ones which it can not "access" [viruses that have attached themselves to your win32])

    Spyware: Ad-Aware 6 Pro

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    I'm using AVG and before that PC Cillin 2002 (expired). Also using Ad-Aware 6 and Spybot S&D. They both have their strong points so why not combining them.
    MRU-blaster and Spywareblaser ( or also nice programms.
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    Thanks for the input. Since I have a fast computer I think I'll go for the NAV. Question. Can I download it for free off K-Lite? I believe the answer to be yes so does anyone know of a verified link that I can use?

    thanks again.

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    Go in to verified in a can

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    Originally posted by robnyt@30 May 2003 - 22:15
    Can I download it for free off K-Lite?
    Is it up to date?

    can it be updated?

    And if not whats the point?

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