i m8s i need bitmetv look at what i have got to offer:

proaudiotorrents (acc)
filemp3 (acc)
iplay (fresh acc)
pisexy (buffered acc)
softtorrents (buffered acc)
torrentleech (inv)
TVT.ro (buffered acc)
blackcats (acc)
digitalhive (acc+inv)
x264 (acc+inv)
musicvids (fresh acc)
sweloaders (fresh acc)
bit-hdtv (buffered acc)
torrentbits (fresh acc)
torrentbytes (fresh acc)
extremebits (fresh acc)
torrent damage (fresh acc)
TTi (acc)
christian torrents (fresh acc)
uknova (fresh acc)
RMVBusters (fresh acc)
revtt (fresh acc)
tvjunkies (buffered acc+inv)
HDbits.org (fresh acc)
swebits (fresh acc)

pm me with offers