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Thread: Leaseweb server - Please help!

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    OK, this is a rant thread, so be warned...

    All started last month, I ordered a unmanaged server from Leaseweb. All seemed fine for the first few weeks - then the server went down! I dont know what happened, but it was OK when I left it! It clearly had a problem, and it needed fixing. So I emailed Leaseweb, and within 48hrs, I had a reply:

    "...Our support rates are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 till 17:30 CET EUR24,75/15 minutes (1/4 hour
    minimum charge). Outside office hours EUR37,25/15 minutes (1 hour minimum charge)..."

    Now, so, with a week left in the month, I asked them to fix it on those terms - they made some crap up about me deleting the root user.... I refused to pay the fee until they could explain how I could have deleted the root took a day for each reply, and after a week, I gave up, and refused to stay with them, and didnt send anymore emails.

    But I thought, maybe I did mess it up? So I decided (stupidly, I know) to get a new server with them, and see if they were really a good host, and I'd just been unlucky with the support person I was dealing with...

    First few days, they sent me the login details as normal, but it didnt work, the server wasnt online! I emailed them, and 5 days later, it was online...

    So, first few hours, setting up httpd, mysql, ftp, etc, restarted the server to make sure everything would start up correctly.....gone! Never restarted!
    So again, I am stuck in the same thing with support - except this time I still have a whole months worth of paid for server!

    Surely they should help me out, seems as there was a problem even before I got the server, and it is clearly something with the server not booting right, or getting on the network?

    What can I do? Am I stuffed? I cant afford to pay there support fees, even if I wanted too! it off my chest, even if I dont get any replys!


    btw, please reply with your thoughts, I wanna make sure I'm not being unreasonable.....hehe

    I know they are "unmanaged", but I shouldnt have to pay for a problem which was caused by something BEFORE I got the server, should I?

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    thank u for this information about this site cuz i decide to rent unmanaged server at this month.


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