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Thread: Brian Lara Cricket 2007

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    Hey guys!

    This may seem like a random question, but do any of you know anything about when the PC-version for Brian Lara Cricket 2007 will be available for download. I've been looking everywhere for it, but only the PS2 and XBOX versions are hosted.

    This is strange as the PC version was released together with the other platforms.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me on this subject .


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    It never hurts to check the NFO release sites like NFOnews, Isonews, and Nforce, as well as searching on Newzbin and irc - and of course torrent sites.

    But if you say that it was already released (this was not an "internal", was it?) I don't know why it might be taking so long for the file to show up.

    It's always possible that the release might have got nuked, or is just taking its time to get spread.
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    No one has released a PC one yet but a group probably will soon

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    Thanks guys! No, this wasn't an internal release...that's why it's so weird.

    I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

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    Brian.Lara.International.Cricket.2007-RELOADED has been released and is posted in alt.binaries.boneless (! ! ! - Brian.Lara.International.Cricket.2007-RELOADED- - ! ! ! # 355656 UnKnown) and (B4E - ** B4E# 55504 ** Posted by Post4ever-Crew)

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    Thanks a lot!

    Appreciate it...


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