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    my first question is how do i get an animated gif to work online?

    my second question is how do i get my norton antivirus 2003 to automatically scan for a virus after i download it or anyother virus program?????

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    gif you 1st need a host, say then ftp you image there and then just do like a regular image
    for my icon it is

    For norton open it up and click full system scan, then to the right click scan now. But auto protection is allways on and it scans new files that are made. Unless you turn it off by rightclicking the icon in the icon tray

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    the answer to your second question is in most antivirus packages there is an auto-protect option, as long as this is enabled then it will scan everything as you download and open it. good eh?

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    Ok ok ok i got the thingy working but i have another question i got xara3d but how can i get more features for it like the trial one for xara3d v5??? like more spinning things and is there any bible things i can download

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