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    i have downloade battlefield 1942 cd1 and cd2 both iso files and i have no clue how to run the game. i also have winiso. i try to install the game but it stops at 9% or so complete. any help would be great thanks.

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    well maybe your version is screwed lol

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    hmm, if u used K++ to d/l it, there is a good chance that it is corrupt

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    the battlefield games you will find on kazaa are usually curupt

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    Im gettin more and mor elost hehe , if he didnt d/l through k++ how else is he gonna d/l it?

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    try using daemon tools to open your bin files (u dont need the cue files)

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    what are daemon tools?
    I heard something about a program that lets you use .bin files to play your games, so you do not even need a cd burner.

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    Is it possible to play Battlefield online cuz of the CD-key.

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    try daemon tools over here


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