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Thread: Burning Protected Cd's

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    I recently asked a question on if you could burn a protected cd, and was given alot of different sites, and software I could use, Thanks to everyone for their help. Anyways I have another question along the same lines and hope you guys can help me out. My question is if I have a protected cd and install it onto my computer, would I be able to burn it to a cd-r from the computer or would it still have the burn protection bundled in with it. I am sorry if someone has already asked this question, if it has already been asked can someone give me a link. Thanks for any help. :beerchug:

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    Do you mean that when you burn it will it have the same type of protection on it?
    Well then yes it will, it sould be a exact image as the original cd, but you do need a program to bypass them. Which one are you using?

    P.S. isnt this for the support fourm?

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    My question is if I have a protected cd and install it onto my computer, would I be able to burn it to a cd-r
    when you say this do you mean you put the cd into your cd rom drive and pressed install and the files got transfered onto your hard drive ?
    if that is what you meant then yes you should be able to burn the files it has created on your hard drive onto cdr with no problem BUT information that is on the cd is needed for the game to run so just try and use the tools we told you about and you will be able to copy your games with no problem mate.

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    Sorry I thought since my last question was asked here I would ask this one here too since they were about the same thing. Anyways, what I am trying to say is let's say I install Tiger Woods 2003 on my comp and after it is installed I take the folder that was created when installed on my comp and try to burn it will it work, or will it still protected. I guess what I am asking is when you install it to the comp is the block still there or is it just on the disk itself. As far as the program I am using, I tried Clone CD 4 today and it seemed to work when I made a copy of Tiger Woods 2003. :beerchug:

    Yes ghost944 that is exactly what I meant, to burn the files off the hard drive. I plan on doing what you guys suggested, I was just courious and wanted to know if it could be done that way also. Thanks for the information guys. :beerchug:

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    if you just went and put the files that the game installer put onto your hard drive on cd it should'nt have the protection any more but the game wont run as there is inrormation on the cd that is needed for the game to run

    i can easily prove this to you
    1.take the game cd out of your cd rom drive
    2.try to run the game without the cd in the cd rom drive something pop on screen like "Please insert cd" or something

    now if you copied the same game files the installer put on your hard drive onto a cd it wont run as i have said all it will do when you put it into the cd rom drive and run it is exactly the same thing that happend when you did the
    Above 3 steps.

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    I know the game will not work without the cd and I know that message will pop up, that was not my question, my question was can I burn the files installed on my hard drive to a cd-r or do they still have the lock on them. And you have already answered that question. The question was more for personal knowledge than anything, I was just curious. And I never said you were wrong about the game not working without the cd. :beerchug:

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    oki doki mate so you sorted now then


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