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    well ...what it says

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    to clarify...I have no icons to start up the it a hidden program? and there was a torrent [movie] file i clicked it and its working so I know it s installed.... the big question...If i cant start up the program how do you use hashes[not that i really get what they are anyhow but...]?

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    There's not supposed to be an icon. You just click a torrent link and it should ask you where you want to save your download, and then it downloads.

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    yes, and hashes aren't for bittorrent. they are for p2p programs like kazaa

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    then how the heck do you use I missing something inm my klite toolbox?

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    DAMN i hate newbies ok look u click on the hash it is then created in ur share folder and Kazaa u then restart Kazaa then it shows up in Traffic. for torrent files u go to a torrent website and click the file thenit starts torrent that simple then u pick a place to save it then save it and it starts the download.

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    Thanx confussion comes in because the last few hash links i opened have 0/0 showing up in the downloaded/total field and when sone "cue" files are selected there is no name and i never get them....I getting a little worn out with the 2 monts to dl thing...If i could only figure out how to navigate supernodes to find the original dl source [but then id need to know what source i started from to begin with]


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