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Thread: [Important] If you are a Torrent Site User Read...

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    Have an important question to all Torrent Site users

    Pay2Leech Sites, Whats your Opinion...

    Okay, there are many sites that are pay2leech, and use the money on the site itself like TorrentLeech and SCT, but there are also sites like (dont wanna name), that take the all the money they make, spend a small percentage on hosting, then spend the rest on themselves. These site owners that spend on themselves we all hate, i know that. But for the pay2leech sites that are using the income to help the site grow, make it faster, or even to keep the site alive, do you still dislike them? And by Pay2leech i mean sites that sell GBs and VIP Status.

    Please answer as detailed as you can.


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    vips shouldnt be given for cash.........
    but gb's for $, why not, if thats gonna keep site alive?
    But i wish neither of it happens........

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    ViP's for cash definately not...
    But why not helping by buying Gbs.
    Anyway the best way is just let every people donate.. but is it enough ? We can wonder..

    BUT.. it's obvious that site like TL and now ScT make or are going to make money behind members and I really hate that. So if there is Pay2leech, it should be very clear and transparent.

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    buying gbs is fine no VIP for cash
    also its good if the upload requirements for an invite is very high the it makes it rare

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    Both of them would work perfect if the owner decides to take care of the site and their users so they can easy use and access the site in the most placent way.
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    I think it's very hard for a site to survive today without accepting donations for some gigas.. Only oink doesn't give upload credit and it has so many dedicated ppl that they don't need it.. Every else tracker can only tempt possible donators by offering as a *gift* some upload credit.. BUT when the site becomes more of a PAY2LEECH than a sharing community things are going the wrong way.. Lots of HNRs, unhappy casual seeders when they seed forever and other ppl give a small some of money and they don't seed at all.. IT's also a matter of the upload credit per euro/dollars...

    nikmash who gives a f@ck about rarity? Completely irrelevant ... Some of you seem to care more about if a site is "rare" than if it's good...

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    if the site needs the money to stay alive then sure, and any excess cash should always go to benefits of the site... if it can be like that then its fine with me

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    cash for vip no but for gb upload im ok with as long as theres no h&r's

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    Its never a good thing, when sites start offering people incentives to donate they start going downhill. The uploaders get annoyed that the sysops are making money from their hard work while people seed for a shorter amount of time because they dont need the upload credit. Theres a real difference on the forums of sites which are kept alive by people donating and not expecting anything other than membership to the site in return and p2l sites.

    I dont see how p2l is any different to selling pirated stuff on the street.

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    They have this discussion @ FTN atm, I'll just paste my post from there in here (don't get confused when I'm saying that I love FTN etc, it has nothing to do with this actual topic, I just leave the post as it is =P)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vidde @ FTN
    I for once think it's immoral to sell gigs or have pay2leech, it's -almost- as bad as selling warez.
    Yes, it is for the tracker and doesn't just slip into the pockets of the owners (hopefully), but it's still wrong; you're selling a way for ppl to illegally download what others have spent lots of money making. You're earning cash on somebody else's work, and that's just.. unethical imho. (Yes, a pirate talking about ethics, oh teh paradox).

    Anyhow, the reason some sites do this, is because either they want to earn money on a tracker (burn in hell), OR because they're not recieving enuf cash from their members, which I belive is the cause of maybe the site, or the community to not be as good as the owners might think.

    I run a site, a Norwegian site, it's the only one of its kind (small country ^^), and we've -never- had any problems at all with donations, we haven't paid a cent from our own pockets, and I don't think we ever will, if they keep it up the way they do. I also see that FTN's donation bar is always on top within the month, which means; FTN has a great community, friendly staff and excellent speeds and content, just what the users need!

    I would've donated gladly myself, if my VISA card wasn't attached to an account I can't use :/
    I love this site not because of their awsome speeds and great content, but also their great coding, sweet design and really really friendly staffers, as long as members.

    You can have great speed and content at other sites, but communities and staffers like this/these, does NOT grow on trees, that's why I belive that FTN will never be in need of selling gigs.
    If the site is great, the users -will- donate by themselves, that is at least my understanding <3
    Trackers that offer pay4leech, will never ever have a supergreat community, just because they're offering such things to be able to survive.


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