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Thread: SATA IDE compatible

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    I have been running my pc with 3 IDE HDD's and recently purchased a 500gb sata to expand capacity, so i could get rid of some of my USB external drives.
    Not being a SATA expert i connected it up to the sata1 port on my mobo. I got an MBR error during boot, so i moved it to sata 2 and it worked. Since then one of my IDE drives has crashed and i am getting a 2nd sata drive. Do i have to change anything in order to use it on sata 1 and still have my ide drive as my primary boot (since that is where windows dir is located)
    Any ideas or suggestions?
    Eventually i will use one of the sata drives as my primary windoze boot drive and have the ide's as file storage but am not wanting to undertake that task as of yet.

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    shouldn't be ne problem, the computer will "sense" on which Hd your windows is on and will keep it as primary. I had the same typ of setup some year ago and i worked fine, so i don't see why it shouldn't for you

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    In the BIOS you should find settings for boot sequence.


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