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    This is going to sound dumb, I already know that but anyway.......

    I got a little impatient with the MSN ( More 'kin Sources Needed ) waiting list on here Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz so I checked out e mule - 90% of what I was looking for I found straight away - D/L'd it no problemo -so my question is - how come the harder to find files / apps ( which you can grow old waiting for on here - I wanted the latest Nero, I could only source an 8 track ! ) are so easily available elsewhere ?

    Is it OK to share on here stuff you got from another P2P ? Or is this frowned on ? Not that I really give a **** I'm just curious - btw anyone want Corel Draw 11

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    people really do not care which app as long as you share

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    Share anywhere you want, though software is better found on eMule clients such as Shareaza.


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