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Thread: What Is Irc?

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    plz? i'm a n00b

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    chat client wher you can download stuff off of people

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    how do i get it?

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    the most basic program for IRC is

    For a 'n00b' who has never used IRC b4 it will be complicated and tough to use mIRC
    You have to know the server and channel to find the place and etc.

    Good Luck im to tired to explain what to do

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    Well, if you are interested in checking out file downloads using your mirc client, check out This website has easy to follow tutorials and a neet GUI for searching many IRC servers simultaneously for the file you want.

    IRC downloads are usually quicker than KAZZA, and there are very few fakes, since established servers post only those files which they themselves post. However, for popular downloads, for example, MATRIX RELOADED, you will most likely be put in a que, which will require a long wait before you actually start downloading. As an example, it took my computer 14 hours to get to the beginning of a que for downloading 1 of 4 DVD image files for Lord of the Rings Two Towers. On the bright side, however, you can set your mIRC client to automatically retrieve the download when your computer gets to the head of the que. in this manner, you can start a download before you go to bed, and it will most likely be finished by the time you get home from work the following evening.

    Alternatively, you may want to check out downloading files using bittorrent. For this purpose, check out

    great bittorrent site..


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    Thanks man^^

    but the bittorent sites are down


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