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    My wife was area manager for a chain of bookshops. As part of her duties she attended book releases, signings etc. One year ( a long time ago) she was at the Pan (Publishers) jolly. Basically her attitude was, good meal, free bar and you only have to listen to some boring stuff for an hour.

    She was at a table with some friends when one of the Pan reps introduced her to someone, she was polite if a bit dis-interested as she and her mates were busy enjoying the sherry. The person for some reason seemed to find this attitude refreshing and sat at their table, dismissed the flunky and basically joined in the company. It transpired he was a pleasent sort and fitted in well.

    About an hour or so later they were told to move into the main hall as the surprise guest speaker was about to make his appearance. The Good Lady said to her new best pal that this was the boring part of the evening but that they would all meet back here in 30 minutes or so.

    Yes you've guessed it

    walked on to the stage and she was seriously embarrased. Particularly when he recounted it in his talk. However good as gold he returned to the table and spent the rest of the night there. Obviously some people were brought over to be introduced to him, however he refused to be taken elsewhere and stayed there all night.

    it is an evening she will always remember. Particularly since the first gift I ever gave her was a copy of H2G2.


    I can imagine you are having some interesting discussions re atheism with God.

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    I hate to say it, byt that guy rattles my cage!!

    PS....... Gone on, admit it!


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