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Thread: Install Downloaded Programs?

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    (ok so im not very comp minded im new to it all so if you answer me try to be as siimple as possible thanx)

    i downloaded windows plus for Xp of kazaa without even thinking of how to install it
    and now i have no idea all i get is a pop up giving me an open with option as in order to open the it windows needs to know who created it
    and nither using the net or any of the program options it gives me seem to open/install the program

    i know there must be a way or what is the point of being able to downoad these programs plz help me to install
    this and other programs thankyou

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    I think it may be a zip file, you will need a program to unzip the file so that you can use it. I would suggest you do a search on kazaa for winrar, winace or winzip. Any one these should do the job.

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    It could also be an ISO (cd image) of the cd, if it has a .cue and a .bin file then you would need something like Nero to burn that to a disc, if it is a "normal" iso then you would still need someting like WinISO or Nero (Nero is preferrable imo)

    Good luck, and Happy Sharing

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    I did a search, the results were zip files.

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    thanx for the help ill go see if it is either of these things thankyou

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    its a .dll file if thats any help but it simply wont do anything but the open with pop up

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    A dll file? How big is this file you downloaded? It may be fake because dll's are not programs

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    39,171 kb

    is that too small ive never downloaded a prog of kazaa so i dont usually pay attention to the size of the file when downloading normally

    'fake' is that just something ppl put in there to piss other ppl off or does it have a function?

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    39,171 kb is WAY too small! Should be very roughly 500MB.

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    how many kb in a mb like i say im such a newbie lol

    is it 1000
    or 1000000


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