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Thread: Watch .bin Files

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    Sorry if this tip is old news. But i just found out it is possible to watch movies which are in .bin format by just opening them using VideoLan. No need to do anything else to them. What a great prgram that is.

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    wat is videolan?

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    whats the point ,changing it to mpeg takes what ... 30 seconds out of your life ? and deleteing the bins take another what 10 seconds

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    umm how about u mount them using DAEMON tool or Alcohol 120% then using Windows Media to play it.

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    I use VideoLan before anything else. Thanks for saving me the hassle of converting the file first and then deleting the bins.

    Whats the point of going through the steps of converting it when all I gotta do is play it?

    Haven't tried this yet but will on my next .bin file.
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    huh? i thought bin files were like CD images

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    I'll admit it doesnt really take much effort to mount the file and then extract the mpg. But some people get confused with bin files and anyway it's just more convenient to just right click and then open them. Came accross this purely by accident being impatient and wanting to preview a file to make sure it wasnt a fake.

    Runik - All those 40 seconds add up you know

    Herbie - check out videolan here

    Swat_leader - bin files are CD images but if it's a SVCD/VCD file this works.


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