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Thread: Internet usage programme?

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    Is there a programme that I could use to see who is using my broadband? My net is very slow lately and I have a wireless router with WEP security which i hear is not the safest so i am wondering if anyone is nicking my bandwidth.

    If anyone knows how to set up WPA, i would be grateful as well. I go to the right place in router menu but it says i need some things from my ISP who have been useless at giving me these things and think i can not connect to the net and i have told them 3 times that is not the case but they have not replied again.

    Cheers, 3lions

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    which router do you have ?
    Some routers show/log who is connected to the router.
    WPA shoudn't have anything to do with ISP. You should definitely switch to WPA, WEP was recently cracked in less than 1 hour.

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    just log into your will then see...

    * Have you also checked what programs are "starting" up when you reboot your computer? Check it some time (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) Download the following free tool for researching the applications you have running in the background

    * Edit :You can kill them directly after you are sure they are not system applications. If you find a few that always start up with Windows, but unnecessary for Windows then you can stop them permanently the following way.

    Click.. Start>Run.. then a box will open, type in that box, msconfig and a new box will open. At the top on the right you will see "startup" You will now see a list... check the list for the applications you would not like to have starting up when you reboot, uncheck that application ( and any others you wish to not have running in the background ) and click apply (bottom right and then OK bottom left) Windows will then suggest you reboot. You can do that straight away or wait until you want to reboot. When You do reboot Windows, a small box will open. It will tell you that the configuration has been changed, put a "tick"in the box on the left so you don't have to see it every time you reboot, and click OK ..thats it, one less useless process running, eating your valuable RAM. Voilą!

    *** You can also check you own bandwidth usage, up and down ,using the following program . It can export a spread sheet if you have Excel installed, showing daily, monthly and yearly bandwidth totals

    This handy program you can try as a shareware, then you need to either pay for it , to keep it working, or contact me for the "gen"
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    Fuck all this encyption bollocks.

    MAC address filtering, that's what you need. Simple.


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