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Thread: Jackass Song

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    does anyone know the song at the begging of "Jackass the movie"? the one where they are all in the shopping carts. i would greatly appreciate it

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    i can't remember what song was playing at that scene, and can't be bothered sticking the dvd on, but check out these anyways, from the soundtrack for the film.

    Album Tracks and Notes:
    1. Hi My Name Is Johnny Knoxville
    2. Corona - Minutemen
    3. We Want Fun - Andrew W.K.
    4. Flesh Into Gear - CKY
    5. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight - The Rezillos
    6. California Sun - The Ramones
    7. Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?) - Sahara Hotnights
    8. Let's Get F***ed Up - Smut Peddlers
    9. Hybrid Moments - The Misfits
    10. Cha Cha Twist - Detroit Cobras
    11. Angel Of Death - Slayer
    12. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
    13. How Did That Get There?
    14. If You're Gonna Be Dumb - Roger Allen Wade

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    no wait, i get you. the classical song when they are getting hit by the bricks and they are all hanging on etc,

    according to the only classical album i have, aptly entitled "Simply The Best Classical Anthems" then the song is
    "O Fortuna" by some composer dude who's second name is "Orff" and it's from "Carmina Burana"

    that should help u find it.

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    PS - i'd advise virtually anyone to pick up at least one classical album, possibly like the one i got where it has some of the most famous pieces ( before any classical experts start complaining i realise they might not be the best classical songs ever - but if you are just wanting something to listen to occasionally it's good to put on something that you recognise the pieces from films or firework displays you've been to etc)

    if you are in the mood for it the music can be really great. I'm not a fan of classical music, but i'm glad i have that one album at least.

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    booyah i found,

    the_faceman i deeply thank you

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    Thanx a lot for that one facedude. I love that piece. I also found a banging techno remix! I'll post the sig in a bit.


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