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Thread: Dc Hub Question

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    Ok, well basically this guy i know online got me some music. Stuff that i couldnt find on any torrent tracker, and when i asked him where he got it he said a private dc hub. So i was wanting to know

    1. What is a dc hub?
    2. How does it work? Is it like torrent where you have to upload a certain amount to download? What software do you use?
    3. Can anyone get me access to a dc hub that has good indie/rock/alternative music (scene releases)?
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    1. DC stands for Direct Connect. Hubs are direct servers that the clients connect to. The hubs provide information about the clients and allow for file searching, but transfers are peer-to-peer.

    2. I never got into DC, but from what I remember, you need to share (or make available to share) a large amount to get in to good hubs. I'm not sure how important ratios are. The standard program is DC++.

    3. Sorry, don't know much about DC. Check out though, maybe it'll help you out.

    As an alternative for hard to find music, I recommend Soulseek. It's really slow for me, but I've found stuff on there that I've never seen elsewhere.
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    These Hubs are also relatively easy to run. But for diversity and speed of file-sharing, then it's OpenNap all the way. Most servers do have a min_share though. Mine start at 4 files to 50 files on my busier servers.


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