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    Yes I know that the avg. download speed for 56k on Kazaa is about 3 kb/s, quite possibly a little less. Mine however is a max of about 1.5 and that's at night when NOBODY is using the net for maximum speeds - I live in Thailand. I usede to get the average but for the past month my speeds have only been max 1.5 at night and during the day .2 to .5 avg. My question is for 56kers- what prog do U use to speed your little modems up??? I've tried them all - I think and none seem to work and I know that they're probably just a bunch of scams, but has anyone actually tried one that actually does work for 56kers. Also is there something I can use to not be disconnected so often, I mean like every 5 minutes. I tried all the PING progs and also Wake Up... One last thing. After connecting where you can check the status of your connection - bytes sent and received window, my errors are like unusually high like in the 14,000 range instead of the normal 2 or 3. Anyway to fix this? Thanx. Oh by the way when I do connect up my speeed is hardly never above 30kbps... usually in the 20's and sometimes the teens. I've seen some people in this forum who have 56ks and they say they connect like at 46 up to 52. How???

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    yea i usually connect to the internet around 46.1kbs
    there arnt many tools to boost your downloads as the download speed depends on your bandwith and how fast the other people let you download
    but if its taking you easy then why dont you download a tool like star download,Reget ect then go and download AVG from there website

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    I connect at 43,000kbps,and use KDA to stop ISP's from dissconnecting you.You can get it here.

    It might be down to your ISP why your getting such a poor connection.

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    Do you'll use any prog such as BeFaster or Modem Accelerator, you know one that actually works...somewhat??? I'll check out the KDA, but you're prob right in the fact that it's most likely the ISP and since I'm in Thailand most of you'll would'nt be able to help me with that. I just wish it would connect at a good 40+ speed and not disconnect evry 1-60 minutes...

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    I get 52bps with my ISP and get raoughly 3 to 4kb contantly but my u/ps for some reason only get 1 to 2kb

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    I cant even get ADSL and i connect at 50 and get speeds of 5 always?!
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