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Thread: Vista - Xp dual boot prob.

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    I have Vista Ultimate installed on one hard drive and XP Home on another. XP was first and then I added Vista and using Vista Boot Pro my computer was set up to start and then give me 20 sec. to chose XP or Vista and everything was fine.
    Last night I reinstalled XP and I no longer get the option to choose my OS
    It just goes to XP. I opened Vista Boot Pro and it didnít even see Vista
    So I booted to the Vista disk and did a repair and Vista Boot Pro then was able to see Vista, but I was still unable to get the option screen at startup.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    they both use different boot managers. go to microsoft's site to fix it. or you can reinstall both os's but install xp first then vista.

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    Some Where but not here
    goto run then msconfig
    goto boot.ini tab and post here whats in it.

    (In Xp)

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    When you reinstalled XP, it overwrote the MBR (Master Boot Record) to boot straight to XP. Installing Vista after XP, however, will give you the choice of booting into either OS.

    Edit: Apparently Vista ignores the boot.ini
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    I had this same problem, but I got impatient and ended up reinstalling vista.

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    How about this scenario.... I installed Vista to dual boot with XP, and now XP won't boot. It did at first, but I have my drive installed into another computer and will keep it there. Instead of reinstalling XP, I want to go ahead and just get rid of it. XP is on partition 1 and Vista is on partition 2. I've got the partitioning software, so how do I proceed with eliminating XP and merging the two partitions without screwing up the boot process?

    Thanks in advance.

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    RUN> type msconfig
    click on boot.ini tab...from there you will be able to edit your boot screen

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    lol i hate vista its still in beta form and cant even run games

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    Thanks for the oh so helpful input desi. Now go away.


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