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Thread: Burning TV Eps

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    Was wondering what everyone uses and how they go about burning multiple tv episodes/seasons onto dvd. I've tried a few guides from and Something always goes wrong no matter what software or method I use. Either the sound/video isn't sync'ed properly or something else goes wrong. I'm looking for nothing fancy just a basic simple method to use.


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    VSO Convert X to Dvd will do fine for your needs.

    I've used it about 8 times (now I use a different hardware player that plays compressed files natively) and it worked perfect every time.

    Their stuff is also available on P2P networks.
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    Out of sync audio is typically caused by variable bitrate audio in the avi file. Sometimes just converting it to cbr will fix the problem and sometimes thats what causes it to go off. Using Virtual Dub here is a no fail method:

    Load the file and set video to Direct Stream and audio to Full Processing and save the file as test.avi (this will by default create a cbr audio in uncompressed pcm so the file will be a little large).

    Reload the test.avi file and again Video to Direct Stream but this time use Full Process for the audio but set the compression to what you want (mp3 ac3 etc.).

    If you don't have Virtual Dub I would suggest googling "Virtual Dub Mod Aud-x Enabled) as it comes with ac3 support built in. Its a little different than the basic V Dub (to get to the audio menu you go into Streams and right click on the audio), it will open mkv, ogm and vob files as well as avi. And since ac3 audio always turns out quieter than wav or mp3, when you convert to it try and remember to increase your volume by 246%.

    Once the audio is fixed it will probably solve 95% of your problems.

    I should also mention that if your recording the show from your TV to a dvd-r instead of downloading, it might require a little interleaving of the audio to get it right. With my system I have to add 100 into the "delay audio by" box under interleaving to get some shows to line up correctly no matter what method I use. Incidently, interleaving is cool because it works with both audio and video in Direct Stream Mode so no encoding is done and its fast. It realigns the audio in relation to the video depending on whether you enter a positve or negative number in the delay audio by box. 1000 = 1sec in one direction -1000 = 1sec the other way and 250 is a quarter of a second etc..
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