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Thread: Blocklist manager problems

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    Hi, I have a problem with BLM. When I update it dls all the lists then goes through the permit and exclusion lists then switches to Merging overlapping lists and Freezes! When I go into Task Manager it shows as not responding. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even dl a new one but to no avail. Anyone know whats happening please?

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    If your using Peerguardian, make sure your not downloading anything from p2p, disable your peerguardian, update the block list and turn peerguardian back on. If your using another app you can try the same thing with that. Or in peerguardian turn off block http to update, and then turn it back on after.

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    Ok Iam using Protowall and made sure that wasn't running. I even restarted the PC and so nothing else was running when I tried to DL. As I said it would DL no prob but as soon as it went to Merge it froze! didn't do it before.


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