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Thread: Yo! Can someone give me a screenshoot of SCT?

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    Can someone give me a screenshoot of SCT? I am just so dying to see.....curiosity has taken it's toll on me.....I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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    Don't bother, I highly doubt that anyone will give you a screenshot of a private site, and I'm sure ScT would not approve of it. Just wait your month, get into the invites section, and then try to get in.

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    No one will give me a Screenshot in the Bittorrent invite section too.....if SCT wants to be that secretive and mysterious......why don't they just hang people who type the words "SCT" or "scenetorrents"......

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    Yo get the F@#k outta here

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    Just imagine TL, divide the number of torrents in half, add a XXX section, paint the layout blue and u got what you're looking for.

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    show me... if I had access to SCT...I wouldn't be afraid to show others's only a "torrent site" for god's sake..let's be "reasonable" adults people....

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    Since "it's only a "torrent site"", why do you care so much?
    I don't have one and I doubt I'd be amazed by a screenshot.

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    dont blow your load
    Last edited by Skizo; 03-31-2007 at 03:01 AM.

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    Can someone just show me it...then you can delete can send it to me in pm if you like....or if you have a link to where I can see it.... I can show you pictures to other level 4 sites if you like......I got pictures for TB, CZone, and FSC....if anyone wants to see these just ask me....

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    the guy above you just did...

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