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    i read somewhere in the questions forym the follow?

    I keep saying this but no one seems to believe me...

    You can fit about 80 MINUTES of video on a standard 700MB CD-R. The actual size of the file DOES NOT MATTER! What accat13 says about 800MB may be true, but that's because if you create an mpeg with all the standard VCD settings from an 80 minute movie, the file size will just happen to be about 800MB.

    But if the file you wish to burn is a 2 Gigabyte .avi, as long as it's under 80 minutes long, you can still drop it into Nero and it'll convert it to VCD and burn it onto one disc.

    is this true or is this just ass crack that gonna get smacked back to the boondocks??

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    Yes, it is true, however the Quality will suffer, most people I know encode the movie to 2 files, helps keep the Quality a little more close to avi.

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    Ok heres my question how does it effect the quality??? whats it do to f*ck it up??

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    Originally posted by adthomp@31 May 2003 - 11:49
    Ok heres my question how does it effect the quality??? whats it do to f*ck it up??
    If a movie is like 2 GB and is under 80 minutes,then the bitrate of the movie is very good and it it can fit one 700 MB cd.

    The vcd quality you get is as usual you would cause example if your movie source have 2105 in video bitrate and is under 80 minutes,then when making a VCD which have a "locked" bitrate of the movie and the sound which is:

    Average video bitrate--1150
    Audio bitrate-------------224

    then the VCD you get after has 1150 in video bitrate which is in the same quality as all your other VCD´s.

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    Thanks, I've now managed to put an 811Mb bin/cue combo on to a 700Mb disc using Nero. As far as I can see the playback quality is excellent.

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    EDIT: Sorry, post duplicated somehow deleted now.


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