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Thread: BitHQ Announcment

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    BitHQ is going invite only tomorrow, and may limit their members to 10 invites each.
    I have found that it is an excellent source of dvds, old and new.
    BitHQ Will Be INVITES ONLY After Today

    That's RIGHT! In order to further combat the recent issues we have been experiencing, BitHQ will soon be an INVITES ONLY site til we've rid ourselves from 'bad' users who still doesn't know the meaning of sharing within a SHARING COMMUNITY. Tomorrow, SvG will be setting the limit of registered users on here to 10,000 users. Once that limit is reached, the only way to become a part of this great community is through personal references. Which means, those who give out invites MUST BE AWARE that you are also liable for the people you choose to give invites to.

    This will help out the community in the long run. The staff will take this opportunity to weed out all the 'bad' users and keep them out for good. And with the invite system, members will be able to choose who they deem worthy of becoming a part of this great site to share their interest with.

    Also, we will limit the amount of invites to 10 per user (This is subject to change). If you currently have more than 10, it will be brought down to 10 once the system is implemented. That is all for now. Happy sharing!
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    Yes it is a good source of non scene dvd's. Very comparable to thedvdclub.

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    Thanks for the news, I'm checking BitHQ out right now.

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    Oh cool. Hoepfully the number of leechers will go down now that is invite only. They do have a bunch of DVDs


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