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Thread: Am i getting this mp3 player back or what??

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    so im not sure im going to get many responses but oh well.
    i bought myself an RCA M5002 mp3 player for christmas new in box off ebay for a steal at $99,
    when i first got it, it was great.
    a month later, i could no longer add ANY media to the device (i know what you will say, its my computer, but it wasnt, im sure) and the device would not add any of the songs on it to my playlists.
    Anyway, i shipped it to the RCA/Thomson headquaters in Texas, on march 6th, and my ups tracking # shows it was delivered in texas on March 8th, at 10:40am.
    Now yesterday i call the company to see whats the big hold up,
    and the lady barely spoke english, she asked me for my zip code 8 times and i was like "what, why do you need my sister?" lol,
    anyway, she goes, "We have not recieved your unit, go get a tracking number." and then i give her my tracking number and she goes, "Well reguardless, we have not recieved your unit. Let my transfer you to the department of units that have been shipped but not recieved." word for word that is what she said. Thats when a bell in my head ringed BS.
    THEN, she goes "Let my transfer your call" Then she makes a clicking noise with her MOUTH to make me think that she transferred my call, and i waited, all the time i could hear her talking to someone, about getting her nails done. Then she comes back and goes, "Sir, we close in 10 minutes, try again another day."

    Is it just me or is this BS?!
    The RCA customer support is non existent to begin with.
    I NEVER would have bought this product if i had an idea,
    i didnt do much research, i was planning on bying the zen vision m,
    but then on ebay one day, i find a good deal, and think im saving a few bucks.
    Psh, yeah.

    So, what do you think are the chances of me getting this thing back?????

    Ive searched
    RCA "Complaints" and apparently im not the only one.
    Lawsuit anyone??

    Good thing my orthodontics throws in a free ipod if i get my braces (UGH) by the end of april, i need something to fall back on.

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    Fuck that noise, if they "haven't received your unit" then it either got lost in the mail or they're just being complete morons. I'd keep phoning them and make sure to talk to someone who is fluent in English. I honestly never would of bought an RCA mp3 player tbh, as I've never been fond of their products.

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    call them up tell them your recording the calls for possible legal reasons even if your not really recording. Just the threat of recording people seems to make them very helpful all of a sudden. tell them what's happened so far and that your tracking number says they have recieved your player 3 weeks ago. make sure to ask for the full name of anyone you talk to and jot it down.

    If they are rude to you again demand to speak to their supervisor. if all else fails say you will be taking the matter up in the small claims court(or whatever the American equivalent is) and would like to know where to send any court summons.

    It may also be helpful to get your father to make the call for you.

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    shoulda bought an ipod.

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    if your looking for a cheap i-pod, goto apples site, and look at the refurbished ones. they usually have some good deals.

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    Should have got an iPod mine fucked up and i had a new one in 4 days...


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