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Thread: Worst Movie Endings

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    Steven Kings IT

    though i know the most of his movies has crappy endings (except for some of course)
    but thats the worst i´ve ever seen, what are they thinkin makin it like that

    hate it when the good guys win and there´s no feeling of fear left when the movie has ended
    cause the monster is dead or somethin like that

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    I know it's a trilogy and I like the movie a lot but Lord of the rings has a pretty crappy ending. It made me think: "Where's the rest of the movie??"
    I don' like ends like that, not al al!!



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    One worst ending that comes to mind for me is Family Man, that ending sucked, either one way or the other, not totally unclear or unsure as the case was. King of left a bad taste in my mouth. I am sure I could come up with another given enough time, but this one will have to do for now.

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    ive never read the book so i didnt know it would be in 3 parts:
    but i have to say
    lord of the rings - the fellowship of the just ended .....and i was like "What has he chickened out?" then i realised when my friends told me...that it was gonna continue in 2 more parts

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    I agree with Sharedaddy, the Family Man had a really unrealistic ending...I mean if a bitch just up and left me, and then showed up 10 years or so later and expected me to come back to her?? Yeah right, unless it was Britney Spears........I also thought Ghost Ship had a terrible ending, the movie was kinda creepy, but in the end you realize just how stupid the whole movie was.

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    Can anyone explain to me what the hell the ending to the updated Planet of the Apes was all about?

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    Matrix: Reloaded the ending just sucked.

    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to there level and beat you with experience!!

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    Originally posted by Benno@31 May 2003 - 07:59
    Matrix: Reloaded the ending just sucked.
    thats only half the actual movie. The first Matrix is one movie by itself. but Reloaded and Revolution are one story. and they cant make a 5 hour movie. same with LOTR that would be impossible

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    8 Mile was a good movie but the ending sucked

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    matrix 2 and house of a 1000 corpses.

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