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Thread: Vietcong Crashes !

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    I just started playing Vietcong - Singleplayer a few days ago.

    But now i run into a problem; The moment i open the jail holding our POW (Marv is his name i think) the game crashes and throws me back to my good old Win2K.
    I tried al sorts of things in-game (firts open gate, then call support, visa versa etc) but nothing helps

    I downloaded the game with KL and i use a NO-CD-crack. All this ofcourse because i want to make sure i like the game before buying it.

    anyone? Im stuck here.


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    get the crackfix. The crack on the cd wont work, to many errors in it, theres a new crack right here on kazaa

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    ok, Thanx a lot i'll try that,
    any idea what to look for axactly?
    just 'crackfix'?



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