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Thread: Adobe Reader V6.0

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    don't flame me if this has already been posted, i had a look at topic headings and didn't see it, trying to help u eBook lovers out there.

    I think this new version has some improvements for eBooks. It's been out for about 12 days or something, but i just noticed it a few nights ago. anyways. that's all for now.

    EDIT: - get it here

    i'd go for the full version, has some useful features like Search For Text.

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    Thanks! Just finished downloading it & it looks good

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    You can also get the full version through bittorrent.

    I can also find some ftps if anyone wants. (of the full version.)

    Strictly through PMs of course.

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    full version is good but if you just use to view PDF file then u don't really need the full version..


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