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Thread: Dvd To Divx Or Another Format

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    I am looking for a program that can convert the film fast and make it in a good quality!

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    Rip the VOB's off the dvd with Smartripper then code it with Flask Mpeg

    There are a few programs that do it direct (i use above) try them all and see what works for you

    If your dvd is region locked you will need a utility to unlock it for imported disks and sometimes smartripper cant unlock the drive Just play the dvd with your player (ie powerdvd windvd etc) then close it and this should unlock it

    Amd athlon 1.33
    60G maxtor hdd
    asus a7m266
    Geforce2 ultra

    Takes about 6hrs to do 1:30h

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    Have a lookat

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    I tell you truthfully, Xvid is the serious encoder of them all. Forget Divx for most files, although it's good. a 1:30 min movie @700 megabytes is FANTASTIC in XVID. Just download Equilibrium if you dont believe me. Xvid is excellent with high motion video, and Equilibrium is the perfect example of that.

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    isnt Divx now becoming a more recognised and legible company tho?
    I mean the quality is still superb and with standalone dvd players coming with Divx encoders now (the KISS player, didnt know about it until yesterday!! ), the compatibility is going to be much bigger.

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    Check out DVDx. It'll encode a DVD to VCD, SVCD, or Mpeg-4 all in one step without ripping the vobs to your hard drive. I'm not sure about speed, that last time I ripped a DVD was a couple years ago, and I just started it up before I went to bed .

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    Check out DVDx
    Iíve already tried that and itís very slow

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    M8 if u want to make the best rips go where Benno sent u and look at the guides and progs for gordian knot.If ur a beginner it mayb abit tricky for u to work,but its the best for makin dvd to avi on the net.


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