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Thread: Watch Vcr On Pc

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    I recently went to Mexico and swam with Dolphins I bought the video which was a crazy price 60.
    I now want to know if it is possible to watch video on PC so I can print images off video. I have a ge-force 2 card with tv out connected via s-vidia and TV-Tool on the cable I can switch from input to output. Do I just switch it to enable my video to be watched on my PC.

    Cheers Cooky

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    If u r able to watch television on your computer then you can watch your video, just remove where the aerial is connected to your computer and plug in your vcr.
    However, your said your graphics card has tv out, this means you could replace your monitor with a television (in other words the card OUTputs an analogue signal that a tv can handle), but unless u have a tv tuner somewhere in your computer to decode a television's analogue input into the digital form your computer requires you won't be able to watch your vcr on your compuer. A tv out willl not be able to handle tv input. (in the same way a vcr has an output point and an input point)

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    afraid you need to buy a video capture card, in order to do what you're asking. you could probably get a combination capture/TV-tuner card for approx. 30.

    not sure if it's worth the bother, if you're only going to use it one time to capture pics from your video tape. but if you also want to record TV as mpeg files on your computer (i.e. like a TiVo or ReplayTV), it could be a worthy purchase.

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    Thanks for your replies will check with my friends to see if any of them have a capture card before I pay for one.

    Cheers Cooky


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