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Thread: GrabiT doesn't work

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    I have just downloaded Grabit 1.6.2 and put in my Server details.

    I then did a search but when I go to double click on one of the alt files that I am interested in nothing happens.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Are you trying to grab something from the search results? If so you have to right click and select the server to download to and it should go to your Batch tab.

    Mind you if you don't have a GrabIt search account you're only limited to 4 searches per day IIRC. And I believe that searching and grabing something from search results are considered TWO (2) different searches.

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    GrabIt does not work and should be avoided at all costs. Almost wrecked my computer today.

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    I use grabit all the time and I have had no problems. Newleecher on the other hand.....

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    I've been using GrabIt a lil over 4 years now and NEVER had a problem. Maybe you had/have a virus?

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    Use altbinz its free and it supports ssl


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