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Thread: Worm On Download Accelerator

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    Just wanted to let people know that download accelerator seems to have a worm on it. every one i have downloaded gets poped for having a worm. might want to be carefull if you try to dl it.

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    is this the 6.X version? I dont know if there is one but I tried downloading that version and yeah all of them have a worm
    People are so stupid that share viruses...some of then dont know but others do!

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    if your talking about speedbit's Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) the latest version is only 5.3 and not 6
    There are 10 types of people in the world those who understand binary and those who dont

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    Download Accelerator Plus 6 its on kazaalite ,i downloaded this thing (has 455 users) and Norton put it in quarantine ,so i think is something about RIIA (455 useres with the same virus )

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    DAP has so much friggen spyware built in it should be quarantined anyway but, Yeah, Don't download known viruses!
    These funny number things have been posted in long lists before but never get pinned.

    It's a virus that takes a popular filename and creates a new version number to interest gullible downloaders.

    Always check the Software Makers Website First or verify it with a search through the crack and warez sites to see if it exists.

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    w32.handy to be exact


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