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Thread: Need ScT or FTN

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    My offer...

    Hdbits 45G buffer... (45G U / 0 D)
    Bitme Account fresh
    KG account (.4 ratio so hard to upload ) 2.4G U / 6 D
    Oink account with (9G U / 2.8 G D) almost PU
    SCC account /w 1 inv (8G U/ 2G D)
    ReVTT account (8G up / 3.4 D)
    Iplay account (12 U / 3.4 D)

    I have been looking for a while ...

    PLEASE don't say good luck or anything unrelated to the topic.

    edited offer (BUMP)

    Going afk for 8 hrs... pm me.. will reply when come bak
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    >< marks the spot

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    i think that's not Enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by zumma View Post
    i think that's not Enough
    its definitely not enough


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