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Thread: Will changing proxy settings help?

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    I live in a media controlled country, so i can't get on sites like BBC/porn. A colleague used to get on all these sites with no trouble here. He told me something about changing proxy settings, but i don't know what they are, how to change them, or what to change them to. Any ideas?

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    Yes, it will. You can find proxies online, just search on Google or something. is a nice site.

    Then just go to the connection settings in your browser and enter the ip/port of the proxy you want to use.

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    btw, what is a proxy setting??

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    A proxy allows you go through another server so that your IP address is masked. If you are using Firefox, you can set this up under Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network.

    Instead of using public proxies, I would suggest getting a free shell at You'll be able to use it as a proxy, and it's all yours.

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    cheers guys, will have a go today...i may have issues...I use I.E.


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