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Thread: Newb On Hashes, How Work?

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    I see hashes like :=JAJq1awgW4epoToMjlfpAYXXRh4=
    but where do I plug this into? I have Shareaza, biturrent, kazaalite(which can not find any vice city)
    i need my vice city fix please help

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    A valid K-Lite hash should have three lines like the ones you see here...

    If the first line is a link, you should be able to just click on it and it should be added to your transfer list. Depending on which version of K-Lite you have, you might need to have the program running when you click on the link, or you may need to exit Kazaa and restart before the download will start.

    If the first line is not a link, you need to select all three lines (by left-clicking and dragging your mouse over them). Then right-click and select Copy. Then run either K-Sig or Sig2dat and paste the info into it.


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