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Thread: Have The Full Mp3 & Cue Sheet, Now, How To Burn?

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    Thanks for any help peeples.

    Can anyone tell me how to, or point me in the right direction of how I can burn a full album MP3, to which I have the cue sheet for, (thank you CUEMaster) to audio CD. I know that the MP3 needs to be converted to wave first, but im wondering if there is an easy way to do it with just the MP3 and the cue sheet alone. For some reason CDRWin wont recognize my burner. I get an error upon opening it that reads:

    ERROR: Unable to initialize the ASPI manager... yada, yada, yada... and then it doesnt recognize my burner.

    Is there a different program that can do this?
    If not, any recomendations on a good MP3 to WAV converter program?

    I tried NERO, but it doesnt seem to want to do it either - (full version).

    All help appreciated - THANKS!

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    Open up Nero click on Audio CD drag all your mp3 files from the right to the left and burn

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    Thanks, but its one large MP3 file. Thats why I made the CUE for it.

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    nm - Figgered it OUT


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