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    I heard there is a mod or upgrade or watever that lets u play online without a cd key. Can anyone tell me where i can get that. I downloaded the Counter strike game, but i can't play without a correct cd-key.

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    There is no such thing, u need to have a valid online cdkey for all valve multiplayer mods including cstrike, dod....

    What happens is valve has servers called WON servers that check to see if your cdkey is valid before it lets u in one of the game servers, no getting around that, period.

    But dont fret, search the internet for servers that dont need WON authentification, get the ip addresses for the server, then start the game, go to console (to get console use command line c:\valve\cstrike\hl.exe -console -game cstrike), then manually type connect xx.xx.xx.xx, then u can play without cdkey.

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