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Thread: Daemon Tools ?

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    I have heard a lot about daemon tools ?
    I am now downloading it and was wondering what it does
    Also I heard of a program that lets you play games like in bin format, for people who do not have a cd burner?
    I have one, but I would love to not have to burn.
    Thanks all

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    yea deamon tools allows u to mount a the cue file from a bin and cue file to a virtual cd drive so u dont have to burn it, there are also better tools, i use alcohol 120% i find it much easier to use but deamon will do the same, also read the help file that comes wirth it, that should explain all

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    a great little tool just watched finding nemo with it

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    But you dont need the Cue when mounting a BIN on Daemon Tools, just load the BIN its self.

    I only use the Cue when burning it


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