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Thread: Strange Colour On Download

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    G'day there,
    I've started downloading this movie and so far inthe first 20 minutes, the whole movie has this green tinge to it, like someone has placed a green filter over the camera lens. This is suppose to be a verified flick. Is it the download or am I missing somethin here?!!


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    its a codec problem i think (most common with xvid and Nemo codec pack). Uninstall the codecs you've got and install the latest klite codec pack. Or if u have already installed klite codecs use the gspot program that comes with to find out which codec the film needs and find an up to date version of that codec

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    I installed Nimo codec pack, had the same problem.. Uninstalled the thing, reinstalled BUT did not install the frames server thingies (what ever those were) green thing gone. I did uncheck divx codecs and some other video codecs too, but that's it. I am pretty sure it was one of those frames servers

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    fisrt U have posted in the wrong ection

    get the kazaa codec pack that will solve ur problem


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