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Thread: Iplay problems!!

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    I have been using Iplay for a couple of months and had an acceptable ratio (anywhere from .8 to 1.1) I downloaded a torrent a few days ago that didn't have many leechers and my ratio dropped to a .40. I didn't do anything about it for a few days and logged on to the site to download another torrent that which had plenty of seeders. I was able to bring my ratio back up to a .9 but apparently that was too late. I am no longer able to logon to the site but I can still seed files from the tracker. I guess the account has been disabled. I have tried to reset my password many times but I am unable to access my account.
    Any admins out there? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    158 the admin

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    if you can still seed and don't have an invalid passkey error your account has not been disabled

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    Just wait, iPlay down atm

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    i think its back guys


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