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Thread: Visual Studio .net Enterprise Architect

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    hey guys .... sup

    I wanna know how u guys installed Microsoft VisualStudio .NET Enterprise Architect edition onto your PC. I downloaded the zip files(total 7, SEVEN) from u guys thru' KazzaLite. I unzipped each of'em in seperate folders. The setup is running w/out any hassle, but its not identying the second setup directory. i tried everything, but i cudnt install.

    can u guys, help me out!!!

    thanks buds

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    NOT SAYING I EVER DOWNLOADED IT (ok, maybe i did, but that's not the point)...

    Try burning the contents to a cd and installing...

    ..or add all the contents to an ISO (through WinISO) and then load it through Daemon Tools

    That's how it worked for me....i mean, that's how i've heard it works


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