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Thread: P2p File Sharring

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    I use kazaa lite for 95% of all my downloading. I have tried e mule but i cant seem to connect to a server. What do you think are the best p2p apps. ???? What are the best for software??? music?? ect????

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    I like KazaA ++, I've tried others but found them to be way too slooow.
    Yes I think KazaA is the best since Audiogalaxy.
    Audiogalaxy was realy good for me. It's whereI got 70 % of my 9 GB of music.

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    I am soon gonna compile a guide of distinct differences between the different networks and clients, but for now...

    Kazaa Lite K++ is very good because:
    1) Connects to the biggest network in the world
    2) If you search for something, and find it, chances are, you're going to be able to download it.

    eDonkey is very good because:
    1) It's the 2nd biggest network (or 3rd best if you count iMesh)
    2) Most releases are on it.

    ShareAza is very good because
    1) It's just as easy to use as Kazaa but with more options, etc.
    2) It can connect to 4 different networks (including BitTorrent)

    Direct Connect is very good because
    1) Most ppl there have a very fast connection
    2) If you find a file then you can almost always download it at high speeds.


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    That would be excellent!

    I'm sure it would get pinned.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    the best i have ever used for music is Soulseek. there are no fake files (yet) and most of the music is high quality. also new stuff gets on there pretty fast too

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    New Movie releases BitTorrent. Not a lot use for older things though.

    Music Soulseek.

    General Browsing and taking what you fancy. DC++. Particularly if you can find a good hub.

    Searching irc-bots Packet Seek

    I also use Cuteftp for ftp, I'm just getting into that and learning it.

    General use K++

    Mucking up your system registry an generally being no use (though it probably will be ok one day, it is improving). ES5

    I have tried the others mentioned and just didn't like them as much as these.


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