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Thread: downloaded files are smaller than whats being downloaded

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    hi all, hope you can clear this up.

    i only noticed it when downloading a album, each song according to the news reader is about 12mb in size and it actually downloads this amount, i checked on the reader and it said its downloaded 400mb but in my folder it had only downloaded about 290mb. i am not downloading any par files either.

    is there a reason why a file thats on newsleech e.g. as 12mb only downloads at 8mb in total???

    what is the extra stuff that is being downloaded???

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    what reader are you using? Is this possibly the total of all downloads and not just the current download?

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    ?? sorry for the chase up just i want to know if it is normal for files to say 10 or 12 mb on newzleech and in the newsreader itself but why when its actually downloaded its about 7 or 8mb. the files were all 320kbps.

    ps i downloaded a file that was only 128 kbps and the file was about the same size, same with rar files i have never had a size dfference with those.

    it seems to be just these set of mp3's

    any ideas??

    um don't think so as like i say in newzleech they say the same as the reader (newsrover), it seems to be only once the file is downloaded that the amount is a lot less.

    i checked after downloading these mp3s and it gave a total amount downloaded as being 509mb but the actual size in the folders was only 352mb. whats the reason
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    has any1 ever had this problem at all? is it just because they are 320 kbps? just a bit worried as want to know what the other data it downloaded was if it wasn't part of the file

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    I'm a bit lost here (I guess I'm missing something) but a file is not 320 kbps. Kbps is used to measure speed of file/data transfer not file size.

    The size of a file might be 320 kb and you might download it @ 320 kbps

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    no sorry i mean the bitrate of the song like 128, 192,256 and 320 mp3.

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    oh.. ok. Never had any difference in file size that I noticed, but I don't download much mp3's.

    Can you give a link to something on newszleech so I can download see what happens?

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    oh right its not just newzleech it said the same size on all the nzb sites and the reader. the songs play fine though, nothing missed off at all. so i wonder what the extra 4mb or so on each song is????

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    any ideas y this would happen, sorry to bump it up again, just a bit paranoid y a file would say 12mb but in fact is 8mb on disk.

    hope theres someone that can explain this?

    also the extra data that was downloaded, would it be or could it be harmful?


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