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Thread: Anyone else get non-eng rap from P2P?

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    I collect non-English rap and hip hop from many different forms of P2P,
    Does anyone else here do that?

    I've gotten Korean rap from clubbox (a Korean form of file sharing),
    Indian hip hop from Desi torrents,
    and off of edonkey, Ive gotten French, German, Israeli, Croation, etc, etc. And loads of Swedish rap from both public and private trackers.

    Wikipedia is a great resource to find out about foreign rap/hiphop band names to search for.
    If anyone else does that here, I'd love to hear about it and share some tips..
    I haven't found anyone else who does this yet.

    Some tips:
    It's pretty easy to find French and German rap on Emule, they are the 2nd and 3rd biggest rap producing nations, with the US of course being the 1st.
    Emule is good for many European countries but is horrible with asian countries.
    Clubbox is the only method I know of to get Korean Rap.
    I still haven't found a good method of getting Japanese rap... A little here, a little there.
    Pirate Bay and also some wellknown Swedish private torrent sites have loads of Swedish rap.

    Pretty much for many countries like Iceland, Greece, etc., the best bet seems to be private torrent trackers, I'm still working on that, and will post tips to good places when I can.

    Later, if there is any interest in this topic, I can list and/or review specific bands and albums....
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    on something.
    I don't really do it on account of not liking rap in general.

    However, I ended up downloading some Teryaki Boyz-stuff a while back, and that was good for a laugh. Try that if you haven't.

    Snook are good, as swedish rap goes. Same goes for some stuff by Tomas Rusiak.

    Snook & Rusiak.
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