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Thread: Darkness Falls

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    I got this file here and it took me about a month to download, but when it finished this is the file name......47-d8-ee-cb-5a-65-ae-c0-82-6c-7f-5e-f1-ac-b2-51-1e-ba-cd ....its 717meg?? Now what am I supposed to do with this? How do I get it to play?

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    change it to an AVI file of make a hash in sig2dat and post it so we can see the file name


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    but really don't bother as this is one of the worst movies ever made. it is worth watching only for the monstrous size of the zit on Onya from Buffy's chin.

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    "Darkness Falls.avi" haha

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    I reckon its pretty decent horror movie. Theres no mystery to it however, as the mystery is revealed right at the start, thats really the only flaw.


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