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    do any of you out there know if bryce 5 will work on the win XP OS?

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    Yes it will

    here are some of my creations on it....

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    I've posted this below already, but just wanted to mention it a second time:

    You are desperately searching for an easy 3d tool?

    Try Bryce5 and Poser4 (for people)

    With Bryce5 and Poser4 you can easily share your thoughts and dreams

    I have Win98 and not very very fast pc but it works quite well...
    I also tried 3d studio 2.0 or 2.5, but there is a thick manual

    here are some good sites: (Bryce4/5 with Poser4) (partly 3d studio, partly Bryce4/5) (artist community) (my own work, there is a link&#33

    thanks anyway, david.


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